MILF: Marijuana I’d Love To Find

Satori means “sustained enlightenment” in Japanese. It’s a fitting name for this long-lasting, high-yielding, zesty-tasting Zen smoke. Exceptionally easy to grow compared to other plants, let alone other sativas. She grows long and thick and stays compact to her stem, so you can pack her tight with her sisters like The Rockettes and, those leggy dames, they don’t eat much to maintain their gorgeous figures, and are easily flushed. Huge, dark leaves, thick stems, and red manes abound. Satori shines her happiness on her grower as well as her smoker.

Mites, mold, and other evildoers will find it hard to grab hold of this powerful and sturdy gal. Satori makes for a very prolific mother - firm side shoots mean that half your work is done making babies. As with all her Mandala sativa girlfriends she can take the heat of the cramped, indoor garden or summer greenhouse saunas. Satori takes it all in stride, no matter the trifle thrown at this serene, soaring beauty.

Sweet and fruity, spicy and fresh - there’s a reason floor cleaners smell like this. It’s a rush-through-a-summer-citrus-grove-at-sunrise kinda zing and she tastes as good as she smells. The weighty buds are easy to manicure and look damn nice in the baggie. According to the breeder Satori will produce copious amounts of Nepalese Temple ball-like hash, perfect for throwing on a saffron robe and contemplating the sound of one hand clapping. A clear, cerebral high sets in quickly, encouraging focus and creativity. Perfect for yoga, mountain climbing, sex, and other spiritual yet physical activities. Writers, artists, musicians, and other creative folk will fall head over heels. The buzz goes on forever and the come-down is gradual with no side effects, making this mind- and lung-expanding strain a mystical, depression, and anxiety-lifting warrior goddess of light.