Latest News and New Strains


October 2017

A new edition of Beyond the Brain will be available in our web shop in January, 2018. 

We will have all bestsellers in stock: Satori, Hashberry, Mandala #1, 8 Miles High, Krystalica, Fruitylicious, etc.


June 2017

Most Mandala strains are sold out at resellers. New supply is available after the summer. We also have nearly all strains in stock when our web shop reopens in January 2018! Bookmark: 



August/September 2016

Hashberry is back in stock! Due to the summer break and international delivery times some shops (especially those based outside of the U.K.) may need until end of September/October to restock. Please enquire directly at the seller.


May 2016

Our web shop is now closed for the season as we focus on seed bank projects. You can purchase our strains from our official resellers: 
We expect to reopen in January. The date will be confirmed end of the year.


8th January 2016

The web shop is open! Go to
If you still see the old homepage its because your browser has old data stored. Please refresh your browser window or clean the internet cache!

January 2015

Download our 'eye candy' catalogue.


Our web shop is closed this season because we are on a sabbatical. Our resellers continue to be supplied with the Mandala strains. Go to our official reseller page:
The next opening date for the web shop will be posted on the shop homepage in autumn:

Following strains are currently sold out at resellers: Beyond the Brain, Fruitylicious, 8 Miles High

December 2014

We have new stock of Mandala #1.



June 2014

On Sunday, June 1st our website will be offline for approx. 2 hours for technical maintenance.


March 2014

The Cannabis Indica Vol. 3 book from Green Candy Press can be purchased at Amazon and other online vendors. It features our Ganesh and Fruitylicious among the world's top indica varieties.


January 2014

Our online shop reopens after Christmas break on 8th January:


June 2013

Speed Queen has been discontinued. We are reorganizing our catalogue and focusing on specific strains. Please do not purchase this strain at any reseller sites. The seeds have been sold out for an extended time and no reseller has stock.


May 2013

Mango Zamal is sold out. This was a limited edition. Please do not purchase this strain at any reseller sites as the seeds are not viable anymore.


January 2013

Our online shop has reopened and is at your service:


We have three brand new feminized strains for outdoor!
Purple Paro Valley, White Bhutanese, & White Magic.

The ever popular 8 Miles High is finally back in stock. Get your seeds straight away at our online shop.
Resellers won't be stocked until later due to limited availability.

November 2012

Mandala #1 is back in stock! Please allow a few weeks for all resellers to restock their shops. You can also contact your favourite shop and let them know that the seeds are available from our distributors.


September 2012

Our new "eye-candy" catalogue is available as PDF download!



August 2012

Ali Bongo's web shop and walk-in store in the UK is running a promotion and offering 3 seeds of Kalichakra as freebie!
You can also pick up our posters and catalogue by visiting the store.


June 2012

Krystalica is featured in the brand new Cannabis Sativa Vol. 1 edition by Green Candy Press. It includes one hundred strains of amazing Sativa-dominant genetics from the world’s best marijuana breeders around the world. No other book covers so many breeders and seed banks. Available online at all Amazon stores.


May 2012

All Mandala strains are now featured in the newly updated STRAINS PRO App! This informative and extremely popular App has "420 of the world's top shelf cannabis strains" in HD quality complete with strain details.

We would like to thank Jetfire Apps for including the Mandala strains among the distinguished selection of the finest marijuana varieties.


April 2012

Sadhu is sold out from our stock and has also been discontinued this year to make space for new products.
Please do not purchase this strain at any reseller sites. The seeds have been sold out for an extended time and no reseller has stock.

February 2012

New! Four feminized Mandala strains are on sale:
California Dream, Fruitylicious, Hubble Bubble and Far Out.
Full details in our online catalogue.

 Rishi Kush is our newest regular strain and will soon be available together with Krystalica.

A new edition of Krystalica is back!
Sales start early to mid February at our resellers.


October 2011

Krystalica has been voted "Strain of the Year" by HIGH TIMES. Check out the Top 10 Strains in the December issue at newsstands or online now!

Our highly detailed Mildew Guide is online now. 


The Indica Vol. 1 book from Green Candy Press can be purchased at Amazon. It features our Hashberry among the world's top indica varieties.

August 2011

The following strains remain out of stock until 2012-2013:
Mandala #1, 8 Miles High, Speed Queen
Approx. dates are posted in our online catalogue for each variety.


 Sadhu will be discontinued to make way for new strains in our catalogue.

June 2011

Mandala Seeds has been inducted into the Seed Bank Hall of Fame! 
Read the full coverage in this month's issue of HIGH TIMES.


Point of No Return is back in stock.



April 2011

Our online shop is closed for the season and reopens on January 1st, 2012.


March 2011 chooses Satori among the Top 16 Medical Marijuana Strains.


February 2011

It is a pleasure to introduce Danny Danko's HIGH TIMES Field Guide to Marijuana Strains. Featured in the book are Satori and Hashberry. This is the ultimate guide for cannabis connoisseurs and pot aficionados. It covers the world's top pot varieties, all meticulously researched and lovingly described in terms ranging from odors and flavors to potency levels and medicinal properties.

The new Mandala strain Mango Zamal is on sale at selected resellers.


January 2011

The new Mandala strains Orisha and Orisha XL are available in our online shop. Orisha Xl can also be purchased at


The new Mandala strain Chill-OM is available in our online shop. Resellers will be stocked from mid January.



Our online shop reopens for the new season:


December 2010

It is a pleasure to announce the arrival of Big Book of Buds 4 which features Mandala #1 among the world's best strains.
More great eye candy and information from the international marijuana community!


Several Mandala strains are temporarily sold out. New stock is arriving at distributors and resellers between now and mid January. All new stock will be available in our web shop from 1st January.

From December, 2010 prices have changed for several Mandala varieties. The new prices are published in our online catalogue. Our resellers will adjust their prices accordingly over the next few weeks. 


September 2010

The Skunk Interview is available as a downloadable PDF file.


The FAQ and Fertilizing Guide have been further expanded. You will find new sections on product recommendations and purchase guidelines, a more extended version on hydroponics, and hyperlinks in the Fertilizing Guide.


August 2010

Our new website goes online! New design, new photo gallery, extensive extra info's on the Mandala strains, more cultivation guides, expanded help sections!

SKUNK Magazine
interviews Jasmin for the "Women of Weed Issue". On sale now at newsstands!


Strain details for Satori, Kalichakra, Krystalica, 8 Miles High, Mandala #1 have been updated or expanded.


Several guides have been updated and expanded: Fertilizing Smart Guide, Germination Guide, Germination Troubleshooting, Soil Guide, Nutrient Problems Guide. Check out the "Tips for Germinating Outdoor" in the Germination Guide. Also new is the section on "Choosing Container Size" in the Soil Guide. The Fertilizing Guide has been completely revised and expanded.


July 2010

White Satin is featured on the cover of Ed Rosenthal's latest book: Marijuana Growers Handbook. Also included in the book are several other Mandala strains. A great grow book that we recommend wholeheartedly! More info:


A new Mandala strain Beyond the Brain becomes available at resellers as a limited edition.



June 2010

A new Mandala strain Point of No Return becomes available at resellers.


May 2010

Krystalica 2010 (Limited Edition) is made available exclusively at our reseller



January 2010

Krystalica 2010 (Limited Edition) is introduced in our online shop