Strain Guide

Use this chart for a quick comparison of some outstanding characteristics of Mandala strains and to see important recommendations. for a

The tick marks which strains fit the description/characteristic.


Best SOG Strain


Low Light


Heat Resistant Shortest Height Quickest Harvest (indoor) Highest Mold Resistan ce Highest Yield (indoor)

Low Odour (indoor)

Rishi Kush min. 250W HPS/m2          
Chill-OM LST min. 400W HPS/m2          
Beyond the Brain   min. 400W HPS/m2      big pheno  
Point of No Return   min. 250W HPS/m2      
Krystalica LST min. 400W HPS/m2          
8 Miles High   min. 150W HPS/m2      
Ganesh   min. 250W HPS/m2      
Mandala #1   min. 150W HPS/m2    
Satori LST min. 400W HPS/m2        
Kalichakra   min. 250W HPS/m2      

LST min. 400W HPS/m2        
Fast N' Glorious   min. 250W HPS/m2    
Speed Queen     min. 150W HPS/m2  
Ganesh Berry min. 400W HPS/m2    
Purple Paro Valley LST outdoor strain outdoor       outdoor
White Bhutanese outdoor strain outdoor        
White Magic   outdoor strain outdoor        
Far Out   not tested  outdoor        
Hubble Bubble      not tested   outdoor      
California Dream  not tested          
Fruitylicious      not tested        

Choose the right Mandala strain for your location using a highly detailed climate guide and special info.


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